PM Księgowość provides accounting services for companies in Tricity and neighbourhood

Keeping books of accounts

We work in accordance with the Accounting Act and provide comprehensive bookkeeping services. You can safely rely on us with your duties connected with preparation of financial statements for the needs of your company and of oversight bodies. We also provide full accounting supervision and advisory.   


  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Preparation of reports for enterprise management purposes.
  • Preparation of reports for oversight bodies or entities according to the policy of the group.
  • External reporting for public institutions and banks.
  • Reporting for the Central Statistical Office.
  • Accounting supervision and ongoing accounting consulting.
  • Consulting on the choice of accounting software.
  • Consulting on the organization of accounting in the company.


Keeping simplified records and tax books

Simplified records and tax books are very popular forms of accounting for micro and small-sized enterprises. We are happy to support business owners with our skills, knowledge of applicable laws and experience in providing comprehensive tax settlements solutions. Contact us before setting up a business so that we could help you to select the most beneficial form of taxation.     


  • Fixed amount tax.
  • Tax on registered income.
  • Revenue and expense ledger.


Emergency accounting service

If you do your accounting on your own and suddenly encounter some difficulties – contact us! We provide emergency accounting service, offering urgent assistance when necessary. We also help entrepreneurs to put things in order if they struggle with problems which piled up due to negligence or incomplete knowledge. We are ready to straighten everything up!


  • Dealing with outstanding tax and accounting obligations.
  • Tax adjustments.
  • Verification and reorganization of accounting books.


Accounting supervision

Does your company make a lot of different transactions, and you want to be sure that everything is compliant with the law? In that case you can use an optimum solution of accounting supervision over the records and employees of your accounting department. We offer professional competent support and responsibility.


  • Supervision over the accounting department.
  • Verification of conducted transactions.
  • Recommendations of proper practices.