Use PM Księgowość for your HR and payroll needs. We will give you the best offer!

HR and payroll services

If you hire employees you are obliged to prepare valid employment agreements or civil law agreements and complete personnel files. This is the beginning of many other duties imposed on employers that we can help you with.


  • Keeping personnel files of employees.
  • Drafting of employment agreements.
  • Drafting of civil law agreements.


Administering employee-related issues

Having employees requires many HR services, including such obvious matters as salaries and records of holidays. However, you should also remember about occupational health and safety training, sick leaves, medical examinations, certificates, payroll. Our accounting firm PM Księgowość takes the strain off our clients by assuming all the duties connected with human resources.


  • Keeping records of holidays and sick leaves.
  • Assistance in hiring employees – preparation of personal data forms.
  • Registering employees and their family members for social insurance.
  • Keeping records of mandatory medical examinations of employees, keeping records of, controlling and updating occupational health and safety training – sending notices to the employer.
  • Assistance in carrying out occupational health and safety training.
  • Upon the employee’s request – issuing salary certificates.
  • Preparing payroll and payslips for employees.
  • Preparing and distributing annual information on revenues of employees.


Emergency HR service

We provide services for companies who need ad hoc support in HR matters. Our knowledge is useful when the employer takes care of these matters on his own or wants to verify the work of the staff, such as an HR specialist or an accountant. The cooperation with us guarantees good preparation for inspection and other purposes.


  • Verification if personnel files are kept properly.
  • Organization of personnel files.
  • Verification of salaries calculations.
  • Organization of HR and payroll documentation.